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Ibrahim Diallo

August 2018

Watch YouTube Forever to Win

Watch YouTube Forever to Win

The ultimate experience on YouTube is to have you watch an infinite amount of videos. If you ask Susan Wojcicki (YouTube's CEO), if her goal is to have the maximum number of people glued to the YouTube app in perpetuity, of course her answer will be no, and she will not be lying. We all know that spending an excessive amount of time in front of a screen is not a healthy behavior. But the fact is, this is exactly what the algorithm that serves you your next video is trying to do. And if it succeeds in doing it's job, you will watch videos in perpetuity.

I'm writing a book

I'm writing a book

If anything is clear since I wrote the last article about the machine firing me, it's that most people wanted to read more. They cruised my blog, trying to find more to read but I seldom tell stories. Instead I talk about JavaScript, CDNs, and PHP. Things that are more practical then interesting. It seems accidental that I even wrote a story this time, but it's not. I have been working on story like format with more failures than successes.

JS Tip of the day

The whole page just went blank

There is an issue that beginners JavaScript developers frequently face. You read a few tutorials and learn about document.write(). It is equivalent to echo in P…