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Ibrahim Diallo

March 2016

At some point you become paranoid

At some point you become paranoid

One day I found a snippet of code online that would randomly open the CD tray on my computer. When I opened the VBScript file, I was amazed how few lines of coded were needed to do this. I quickly grew interest to be the author of my own fun little programs. When I discovered programming I figured that with enough time, I could make the computer do whatever I wanted. I fell in love instantly. However, time has taught me that love is not what you feel when everything is alright. Love is surviving in the harshest of conditions. And surely, my love for programming has been tested when someone other then I, started using my little programs.

JS Tip of the day

Use local storage and fall back to cookies

Cookies There are better ways to save information on the browser then using cookies. Cookies save all values in one long string and has to be parsed every time…