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Ibrahim Diallo

August 2021

I stopped sleeping, then I started hallucinating.

I stopped sleeping, then I started hallucinating.

It was already March of 2019, I had promised myself I would do my taxes early this time. When you try to file your taxes on your own, you can see the invisible hand of Intuit making sure the process is as confusing as possible. This time though, I'd hire someone. No more confusion.

A moment of your time

A moment of your time

On July 1st of 1941, wealthy American families gathered around their living rooms in New York city. They could afford to drive down Ebbets Field where the Brooklyn Dodgers and the Philadelphia Phillies were to face off in a game of baseball. But on that day, these hard working Americans chose not to. Instead, they decided to watch the game in the comfort of their living room. A luxury we take for granted today.

JS Tip of the day

Calling a function that has no name

You can make use of recursion easily in JavaScript. Let's try it with factorials: function factorial(num){ if (num < 0) { return -1; } e…