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Ibrahim Diallo

November 2018

Why can't I get hired?

Why can't I get hired?

Companies are struggling to find developers. It's one of these things you are not sure if people are saying this to brag or they are genuinely having a problem. I ask because on the other side, developers are also having a hard time getting hired. Junior developers say no one wants to hire juniors because all jobs require many years of experience. Experienced developers say they can't get jobs quick enough because companies don't want to pay a lot for experienced programmers.

The 4 Phases of computing

The 4 Phases of computing

Everyone and their grandma will be able to drag and drop a few functions with fun emoticons to create fully functional applications. This is not the future, it is happening right now. But the underlying technology will become so big and complex that no one person will understand the whole of it.

JS Tip of the day

Optimization: Minimize look-ups in for loops.

In JavaScript, like in many other languages a loop can be defined in many ways. The standard of course is the for-loop, the while loop, or do while loop. They a…