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Ibrahim Diallo

April 2021

The Semicolon ;

The Semicolon ;

There is a time where the thing that bothers you the most in your programming career is the semicolon. You've formally learned that every statement ends with a semicolon, the same way every sentence ends with a period. But then you join a team that has complete disregard for your favorite punctuation.

How to self-publish a book in 7 years

How to self-publish a book in 7 years

If you ever think about becoming a writer, then go ahead and type a single character on Google. Before your finger is off the key, Google will recommend hundreds if not thousands of material. Not just any material, good material. There are classes on Udemy, there are videos on YouTube, there are well written articles from prominent bloggers. You can join forums, clubs, guilds. There is no shortage of information to turn a complete newbie into a respectable author.

JS Tip of the day

Every statement must end with a semicolon;

The JavaScript interpreter is nice enough to add semicolons for us if we forget them. For most places this works, but then you get a bug that is impossible to f…